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Was attempting to create some activity reports and was looking for support on how/if these are do-able with HubSpot reporting today:


  1. # of Calls to Connect -  From the create date until a call is dispositioned as "Connected" report the #. 
  2. # of Calls till a Meeting is Booked -  From the create date until a meeting is scheduled with the contact
  3. Average time to engage new leads - Time from New lead until status changes to working or activity is logged. 
  4. Appointments Set per Day - How does the canned report for appointments set work, is it any time a rep creates an appointment on their calendar it's counted?


I believe I need to look outside the system to create some workarounds to additional details but wanted to confirm before heading down this path. 




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HI @HubSpotMaster,


Do you have the reporting add on with your HubSpot subscription? 


Any screenshots you can provide would be great!


@adeelfaisal@PatrickEng@SalesIsScience do you have any thoughts on how @HubSpotMaster can work towards achieving these reports in HubSpot? 


Thank you,

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Thanks @jennysowyrda for connecting. 


Hi @HubSpotMaster 


Here is the response for your 4 points:
# of calls to connect and # of calls till a meeting is booked:

I've similar use cases from my clients but I couldn't find a straight forward solution so I'm testing some unusual ways with workflows as workflows have a lot of properties to be used.

Here is the glimpse of that if you can test:
1. Create a custom property of number field

2. Create multiple workflows with triggers like "Number of time contacted = 1" and so on

3. Use filters in those workflow triggers. 

4. Add action of Increase contact property value by 1


In this way, you can have a property value filled with your required data like "Number of calls to connect" or similar ones.

I'm also testing similar use cases and will update you as well in a few days. If you got some success, please do let me know. 

Average time to engage a new lead
Couldn't figure out within Sales Pro (Enterprise have calculated properties but I didn't test them. 

I think external solutions like Zapier with Google Sheet can works. 


Appointments sets per day

I believe you can have it in custom activities report as I've built a similar thing for a client in the past without using any external tool. 


Disclaimer: I've not tested exact use cases and just sharing my limited experience and understanding. 

If it works, please do let me know. 




Adeel Faisal