Rolling Up Revenue to Top Parent Companies for Reporting


Hello HS Community, 


I am working to build out our team's dashboard for morning meetings. An example of one level of reporting is below:


If Company A is parent to Child 1, Child 2, and Child 3 (all forecasted for $1K);

Then Company A is projected for $3K in total forecast. 


In our account, we have several levels of companies, sometimes ranging 4 levels of parents. I want to be able to report on the below specifically: 

Company A is a Parent of Company B, and Company B is the parent of Child 1, Child 2, and Child 3 (all forecasted for $1K). Company A is also a Parent of Company C, and C is the parent of Child 4 and Child 5 (also forecasted at $1K). 


We want to create a report that bubbles up all the forecasted revenue of children of A (companies B and C) and so on. So we would say Company A is forecasted at $5K in total. 


Currently I am having a lot of trouble trying to report the roll up. I created custom properties for companies to name it 'Top Company' but there wasn't an option to roll up revenue to that tag. Please help. 

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Community Manager

Hi @RGray-11,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community!


I wanted to tag a few subject matter experts who can help you with their expertise on the reporting tool: @warrendavey@JeremyHong@Josh@StefaniUAT do you maybe have any recommendations for Reilly?





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