Reports That Sorts Based on State


Hi! I'm looking to optomize my companies reports/dashboards through hubspot. We are looking to sort our deals / companies by state and/or country and see some quick insight on where it is in the sales pipeline. 


Currently, we're doing this in a custom excel file that I've made and have to update manually. Is there a report or system in hubspot that I can utilize? I've done a little bit of research myself but couldnt find anything.


If there isnt, does anyone know of any alternate solutions/suggestions?


Thanks in advance

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @Maprario Our reporting add-on gives you much greater functionality and capabilty to build custom reports within your CRM, but the reporting would need to be based on properties within the specific object your wish to report on.


For example a pipeline report on deals based on state/country would not be possible because state and country are not properties of the Deals object (ie: What's the address of a deal?). You could build a companies or contacts report based on a state/country, as those properties are contained within both the contacts and companies object. 


You could build a custom state or country property for the deal object, but you would need to make sure those were populated in order for the report to show correct data. 


Does this answer your question?



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