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Reporting on sales email opens and clicks

You’ve done all the heavy lifting and emailed your contacts. Now it’s time to see if anyone’s interested so you can follow up with those warm leads. But wait, how do you do that again?


That’s where the Reports tool in HubSpot comes in. Create custom reports based on sales opens and clicks to quickly see which contacts are engaging with your emails.


To build a custom report:

  • In your HubSpot account, navigate to Reports > Reports > Create report. 
  • Select Custom report builder, then select your data sources. Set Sales email as the primary data source and select Contacts as a secondary data source.
  • Select the Table chart type from the Chart section.
  • Search for Sales email opens under Sales email events. Next, under default measures, select Count of sales email opens then select add to fields. You can also drag the field to the Column section.
  • Search for the Contact property Email, then select add to fields.
  • Select Save in the top right when you’re ready to publish the report.

Here’s how an example report could look like:


Report on sales email opens.png


To create a report based on clicks instead of opens, search for Sales email clicks under Sales email events and repeat the process above. 


To drill-down into the data further, add filters to your report.

  • For example, to see contacts that have opened a sales email recently, add the contact property Recent sales email open date as a filter and specify that the date should be less than 7 days ago.

Filter for sales email open date.png

Creating custom reports with the custom report builder is available for all HubSpot accounts with a Professional or Enterprise subscription. To learn more, check out our knowledge base article here.


Do you have any tips for creating custom reports? Share them with the community below!

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Recognized Expert | Elite Partner

Reporting on sales email opens and clicks

Helpful reminder @JacquelineOng. My tip for building custom report is this: First, see which standard reports help you tell your data story. If you don't find what you need in Reports, check out Analytics Tools. Then if you need to build it custom, set up your dataset with your primary data source and the other objects. Finally, put all the properties and measurements you think you'll need in the Fields area:



This helps you keep all your data points available so you can then choose your visualization and build your desired report. 


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