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Reporting on invoice payments through line items



I have set up a report that shows a yearly overview of when we will receive our payments from customers, based on line items, each month.

This has worked fine when our deals all have the same currency, but we have now closed a deal with a company that pays in euros, and therefore have a line item in a different currency.

In my report the different deals are then added in different currencies, and the total amount for some months is the sum of the amount of one deal in DKK and another deal amount in EUR.
My report is currently set up with the start date from line items and the unit price of the line items. I thought about changing "unit price" to "deal amount in company currency" to fix the problem, but some deals have additional line items on top of their subscriptions, such as a project management fee, and these are not included in the deal amount and would therefore not occur in the report.

Does anyone have an alternative solution for this?
We are only using sales professional and don't have enterprise.


Thank you in advance!

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Reporting on invoice payments through line items

Hey, NVejby!


I am currently in a situation where I need to set up a similar report, however I'm struggling to do it correctly. Could you please share how you did yours? 


Would be happy to get any advice from you!



Reporting on invoice payments through line items

Hi @LBelou!


I've created a custom report where you are able to report on line items, and then chosen "Line item - Start date" and "Line item - Unit price" as my data set.
I've set it up like this: 


If you have any additional questions or need me to elaborate further, please let me know 🙂


Kind regards,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Reporting on invoice payments through line items

Hi @NVejby 


Welcome to the Community!


I'll tag a few experts to see what they can advise in this case. 


Hey @KTownsend @Bryantworks @NicoleSengers any thoughts about this?




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