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Report on BDR Source for AE Opps

Hi all,


Hope you can help. We want to create a report where the Account Executives are shown on the x-axis, the number of deals on the y-axis, and the custom field 'BDR' (which represents the name of the business development rep who was involved) to be the bar breakdown. We want to visualize where BDRs are creating opps and if this is evenly distributed amongst the team.


We have difficulty creating this report since BDR is a custom field, which leads to a custom report. Both opening and filtering results in errors. Could anyone provide an alternative that will give the same overview, or does anyone have a tip to resolve our issues?


It should look a little like this, where every color represents a BDR.



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Report on BDR Source for AE Opps

Hi @DexterCE,


Thanks for reaching out!


I wanted to invite our subject matter experts to this conversation to see if they have advice. 

Hi @danmoyle@Bryantworks@Josh - Do you have any sales reporting tips for @DexterCE

Thank you!




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