Report of dates and times spent in deal stage

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Yeah, using the steps that one of the posters (erijohn) put up - It is a PITA....but more accurate, since using deal workflows to set date fields only works the first time the deal enters that stage. Once we are able to re-enroll deals in workflows then this way will be just as accurate, and infinitely more accessible. 


HubSpot does a good job of reporting Time in Stage (after the deal has moved out of the stage) in it's own reporting system. The only reason I needed to pull from the API was to find time in CURRENT deal stage. 

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Hi All

Sorry I'm very new to hubspot and am self taught on all of this. Where do I go to set the date stamp property? I can't find the option when I'm setting up the workflow.


many thanks


@LaurenMca Your post was a long time ago but you would need to create these date stamp properties individually for each stage

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Great stuff, super helpful - so thanks!


Quick question - how are you triggering the first date property to set off the first enrollment criteria set for each stage in the pipeline?

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Our app, Sales Rep Scorecards, calculates the amount of time that deals are spending in each stage automatically.  The app is available through the HubSpot Connect directory.


You can visualize this in Gantt charts like the screenshot below, either overall, or by sales rep.  You can also export your deal data to see the dates each deal moved into every stage.


Screenshot 2019-06-04 10.54.22.pngTracking the amount of time HubSpot deals spend in each deal stage