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I'm looking for ideas and insights on how to create a report that lets me see how many unique companies the sales team has contacted in a given period of time(last month, last quarter, etc.). And, if possible, another report that shows the number of companies contacted for the first time at any given time.


Does anyone have experience in creating reports like this?




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Hi @PKropp,


This is unfortunately a bit more complicated than it should be. HubSpot usually looks at the last interaction, not any interaction within a time frame.


For the first report, navigate to Menu > Reports > Reports > Create custom report > Single object > Companies.


Under Filters, set Last contacted to the time frame you're interested in. Additionally, if you only wanted to display companies created by sales, set a filter for "Original source data 1 contains exactly SALES".




You can then switch to the Visualization tab. In the left sidebar, ad Last contacted by clicking on Data step.


Next, drag and drop Last contacted and Count of Companies into the Displaying area. Switch the chart type to a vertical bar chart and change the Frequency on the upper right to weekly or monthly. You should see something like this:




Keep in mind that you're now looking at companies who've had their last sales contact in the timeframe, not necessarily any sales contact.


For your second report, you would need to create a custom date property, e.g. First contacted, that is stamped at the moment of that activity. By default, HubSpot maintains only the last touchpoint (e.g. Last contacted). In a company based workflow, you'd enroll companies when "First contacted is unknown" and "Last contacted is known". HubSpot would then log the date of the first interaction (chat conversation, call, email, or meeting) in First contacted.


You could then build the report above in the exact same way, replacing Last contacted with First contacted.


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Hi @PKropp ,

For the first report you can use 'last contacted' property for your report. 
Create a custom report for single object Companies. Use these filter:
Now, in visulization tab, under displaying, drag and drop the properties like this:

For the second report, unfortuantely we have no native property of 'first contacted' in HubSpot. however some user have already put this idea on the community's idea forum. Much required update that many of my clients have also asked for. I will also advise you to upvote it. Howver, for a way around you can create a compoany custom property for 'first touched' and then call it in the report.

Hope this helps!

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