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Remove Test Views from Documents Reporting

It would be great to be able to filter viewers or remove views that are known to be false or test views from Documents reporting. I was testing a document and accidentally left it open on my computer and it recorded the time the document was open as how long I was reading it. Now the "Average Time Spent Viewing" reporting is skewed. It would be nice just to filter out or remove that view. Reporting and ability to use workflows triggered by document views is very limited at its current state. I think documents could be greatly improved with just a few more added features and capabilities. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Remove Test Views from Documents Reporting

Hello @ASolares , happy Friday!

I wanted to invite some top experts to share their ideas, @karstenkoehler  @willsmith @gelflex-cc, do you have any workarounds to suggest @ASolares ?


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