Relation between dashboards and roles

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Hi there !


Does anyone have an idea on how to :

  1. make a dashboard as the one and only dashboard for a role ?
  2. make a dashboard shared in read-only for a group of roles ?

It would be great to have this feature Smiley heureux

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Hey @JeffFr 


This is a really good way to start a conversation in the Community. I will tag a few of our experts Emoticono feliz     


Hey  @Andreas @MFrankJohnson @ben-duchy could you please share your knowledge with @JeffFr 


Thank you


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Hi Ben ! Thanks for your reply Smiley heureux


Yes, but no : lets say that you want your independent sales people to see one and only dashboard. This does not works. Same for some business providers. If you want them to be able to follow the provided leads and how you drives the business with them, you will need to associate a dashboard with a particular role in order to let them see only what you need them to see. HS does not allow people to to this at the moment, but I've heard this may be available in a near future. Wait and see Smiley heureux