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Refreshing dashboards and reports

Hi all, 

As stated by HubSpot and confirmed by their technical support, reports update automatically every 2hours and they can be manually refreshed every 15 mins to pull new data. 

This is, however, not always the case from my experience. 

Typically, when I try to refresh the report manually, this is what happens: 

- Before I hit refresh, I can see the following msg displayed: Data updated 19 mins ago (example)

- I hit refresh

- After the report refreshes, I see the following: Data updated 9 minutes ago. 


Why refreshing the report doesn't pull the latest data? 

There is always some kind of delay, which is very confusing to our sales/management team. 


Is anyone else experiencing this? Any tips? 



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Refreshing dashboards and reports

Hi @Edyta7510 ,


Hmm, I haven't experienced this behaviour with my account so far. As far as I searched, there isn't related Community post in the past either.

@karstenkoehler > Have you come across such behaviour?