Recurring Sales Dashboard email - does not filter

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Ran into an issue with the scheduled emails. We have setup a Sales dashboard with different metrics like Productivity, assigned leads, leads status by user, top Hubspot superstars, etc. Our users are organized in teams and our sales reps only see leads and activity for their team.

The dashboard filters automatically and when viewing online they can only see stats for their own team. 

Setup a recurring weekly email to nudge them into using Hubspot more - and surprise! The email DOES NOT FILTER - everyone can see everything. So, in other words, it is useless.


Anybody else running into this issue?

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Hey @cursu 


Thank you for sharing your feedback.


I would like to share this article with you where you could set up to whom you want to send this email and avoid to send information to everyone. 


If you would like to see this implemented in the future, I would recommend upvoting this idea. The Ideas forum is actively monitored by our product team for feature requests. Sharing your input and kudos specifically in this space is the best way to ensure your feedback and requests are heard.


Please let me know if you have any further questions




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Hi @sharonlicari ,

yes, the email is already setup to not send to everyone Smiley Happy We have over 500 users, this report only apllies to about 30.