Pipeline influence: Deals moving forward with marketing influence


We are trying to understand how marketing influences our overall pipeline but more specifically whether it accelerates live deals (we are in B2B and sales cycles take longer). 

By influence we do not mean any touch point as seen in the campaign dashboards (we do not define having been enrolled into a workflow or being sent an email as having been influenced), but specific actions such as emails clicked, page views, ads clicked and form submissions.

And we would like to correlate this information (contact info) with the deal the contact is attributed to, and whether or not the deal has moved stages after one of these interactions occured. 

As a minimum, we would like to be able to see this correlated with the deal timeframe, i.e. any of these interactions happening between after the deal was created and where applicable, before the deal closed.

Has anyone have found a way to do this? And if not within HubSpot, any tool/automated process that has helped achieve this?


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I'll tag a few experts that can provide any guidance on this matter. 


Hey @AdamLPW  @DPassman @StefaniUAT could you please share your thoughts and experiences with @MPala?


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