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Over Time Trend Reporting - Custom Company Fields

In our business we support customers on two different platforms. One platform being human to human sales, the other is, e-commerce to human sales. We've created a custom calculated field to measure the % of business that is being generated between human to human sales, and e-commerce to human sales. 

  • I.E. Customer has an account manager who generates revenue & that same customer also has an online order platform that is also tied to the account manager. 


The report we're looking to create. Trending Reports to indicate IF these customers are trending UP or DOWN based on the comparison of the two numbers. 

  • I.E. Customer today is generating 2% of their business from e-commerce and 6 months later the customer is generating 62% of their business from e-commerce


Any "over the time" reporting suggestions?

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Over Time Trend Reporting - Custom Company Fields


I may be able to help with some information. 

1 - Are the two platforms in the same account?

2 - Do you have 2 calculated properties? 1 for human to human and then 1 for e-commerce to human?

3 - Are you using deals stages and a separate pipeline for each type??

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Over Time Trend Reporting - Custom Company Fields

Hi @MasterElecTampa 


Thank you for reaching out.

I wanted to tag in @Bryantworks and @StefaniUAT to see if you guys could share your advice?