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Organic Social media post campaign data for Looker Studio

Hi all,

I am trying to link my LinkedIn post analytics data from HubSpot (which includes a 'campaign' name - which is why I want to pull HubSpot data over LinkedIn direct data) into Google Looker Studio.

I need Publish date, Post, Impressions, Engagment and Campaign. 

Does anyone know if this is possible via the API? Failing that the best pay to automate a weekly report for this data to import into Looker Studio? 

Any help or ideas are appreciated. 


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Organic Social media post campaign data for Looker Studio

Hey @DigitalRM, thank you for posting in our Community! 


Currently, we have an integration with Looker Studio (more information here). The capabilities could be more precise on our end since we do not support the integration; Datawarehouse helps with this. On the ecosystem page, you'll see the support channels for this integration, where they can clarify the teachings of using this data.


I invite our top expert and owner of this integration, @johnelmer, to share his thoughts.





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