Opportunity History Reporting - # of deals that have hit certain stages by deal owner

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Hi everyone! I am trying to build a report that shows how many deals have hit certain stages by deal owner. Essentially, I am building goals around deals hitting certain stages (not just closed won/lost) and I am looking for a way to look at progress and achivement of that goal by deal owner and team.


Anyone doing something similar and have feedback on how to do this?

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Hey @joeolsenmm welcome to the Community - great question! I'm tagging a few of our CRM savvy exports below who might be able to help:


@StephanyWHP@Aakar@kcooper@vladgeo1@kbento are you able to lend any expertise to @joeolsenmm's goal?

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As far as we know, HubSpot does not provide historical reporting in a way that you are requesting it.  The data does exist, but HubSpot does not provide a format for viewing it at this time.  Probably worth submitting this to HubSpot as an idea.



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Do you have the Reporting Upgrade?


If so, you should be able to create a report per Deal owner in the new tool. I'd probably select "Funnels or pipelines" for the Report target, then "Deals". 


From there you can narrow down the date range and filter the specific report by Deal Owner. 


Under "Show deals that have gone through __ stages," select either "any" or "all". Unless your team is militant about going through stages one at a time, in perfect order, you should probably select "any" as "all" will restrict to only those who have gone in exact sequence. 


Then you can add in the stages you'd like to see the data for. 


Once you have it just the way you like it, you can go to the Reports tab in the new and delightfully confusing menu bar, click Reports from the drop down and Clone the deal (in the Actions button that only appears if you hover over the Deal). From there, wash, rinse and repeat, swapping out the Deal Owners as needed!