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 I am testing Hubspot for free sFor 2 months.

I don't understand how it works.


For one email sent to one person,I got notified twice and as the same time the receiver opens the email. The doubled notification happens everywhere: at the bottom right, at the top right next to the extension icone and then in my activity reports.Doubled notification.PNG Secondly, when I delve into the report of activity, they are classified "yesterday", "this week" and "this month".

Notifications are displayed for yesterday for Jeff (Jan 24), last week for Someone (Jan 22). Jeff also opens email on the weel of Jan 22nd. His notifications are not displayed.

This is the same int the month notification category. Beside, Someone's notifications are not included either for Jan (NB: Someone opens the email multiple time between Jan 9th and Jan 22).


Finally, when I manually count the number of notifications in January, I count 193 including the doubled ones. If I correct the calculation then it is 137. In both case, it is not similar to Hubspot count which is 199.Smiley Surprised


Could you please help me to make sense out of it?

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It seems like there is something wrong with my account.

After posting my previous post today "notification count and reporting", I received twice and email "You earned the Flying Start badge on HubSpot Community". twice at the same address.

Thought it might help to solve my issues 😉

Doubled notification2.PNG