Need a more in depth and company-specific Time in Deal Stage report

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I've read some posts on this but have had trouble following where it all led, but I need a report that allows me to pull either A) how long each deal has been in each deal stage it's entered (including the one it's currently in) or B) when each deal entered each successive deal stage (from which I can calculate the time in stage).  I know there's a Time in Deal stage canned report but it's not very useful for me because it only gives averages for all deals - when I go to download the report it doesn't give me any data on stage per specfic deal.  Apparently there's an API you can use here that gives you option B above, but I'm not technical and I have no clue how to use that.  Any help??

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What subscription level do you have? 


If you have access to the workflows tool, you can use the solution outlined here.


While the information around what date a deal moved into a deal stage is available in the history of the property, using a workflow is the easiest way to get this information into the front end of a property.


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