Missing company names and ids on deals in report


Hi - I am working on creating a report that shows the deal source (a new property I created) broken down by the companies that are our prospects.  The report is a custom report using both deals and companies. 


I am running into an issue with many deals (but not all) showing no associated company or company ID (see screenshot). I have double-checked that the deals all have an associated company and that all the companies have an ID. 

 Screen Shot 2021-09-09 at 3.15.03 PM.png


What am I doing wrong that the company name and ID aren't showing?




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Hello, @JennaWB  are the deals associated with contacts, or companies are also associated with this deal? And what is the deal property type you created this new custom property?  The more information I can help you with the next steps.

I will also add some top experts to this matter, @webdew @Dan1 any recommendations to @JennaWB ?


Thank you,


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Thanks @PamCotton ! All deals were associated with contacts and companies. I just went in to look and it looks like the issue has resolved itself. Could it have been a delay in syncing all the data after I created the report?