Measuring and reporting revenues from calculated metrics


We are rebuilding our CRM from scratch with new properties, Deals stages etc. We are based in Canada and provide Security services for hospitals, construction sites and basically any venue that may require security agents to verify vaccine passports for instance. We have experienced a YoY growth rate of 600% and need to properly forecast and report revenues

This project stems from Management’s need to have comprehensive dashboards for sales and marketing activities. Some dashboards will present information present on Hubspot while others will provide a mix of Google DataStudio and ERP(in-house) data.

In order to optimize revenue forecasting and provide more accurate data for resource planning we have devised an internal  Revenue metric called ‘Total Deal Value(estimate)’ based on specific inputs:

  • hourly rate in $ (for a security agent)
  • Weekly number of hours (day shifts, nights shifts or evening shifts)
  • Number of weeks for a given assignment or project

The Account manager is asked to enter that information while creating the Deal and we calculate that internal metric:  Total Deal Value Estimate based on those 3 inputs. I am currently testing the calculated values and Totals in the Deal stages columns.


At the bottom of the Deal stages there is a TOTAL : $... value which I assume is the Amount value when creating a Deal. How can I have this total as a sum of mi metrics  ‘Total Deal Value(estimate)’ for my Revenue forecast? Is this value weighted with the Deal Probability or can I have it fixed?

How can I use my internal metric Total ‘Deal Value(estimate)’ to calculate Forecast values in your current Dashboards?

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I don't think this is possible with standard deals. You need to create a custom object to vizualize this.