Logging Sales Activity For Upsell Opportunities


We recently completed the first phase of our CRM integration (external CRM) and now there’s visibility in both platforms for lead details.


A member of the sales team was wondering if we could log purchase history as a way to use this information to set up some automated workflows to upsell/cross-sell other products to customers. We naturally want as much information as possible in a format that will sync between platforms which seems to be contact properties at this stage. Could it be as simple as creating a contact property named “Sales history” that’s just an open text field that flows from the CRM into HubSpot?  I was also thinking we could create this as a deal property, really looking for what might make it easiest for the Marketing team to build some automation around moving forward.


Those two were what initially came into mind for me but wanted to know if anyone else has explored this in the past and if so, what seemed to work best for them/

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@akwiec it appears from your post that you are only syncing Contacts between your external CRM and HubSpot.  Before trying to answer your question, we need more information about your integration. All I can say at this point is that you should consider integrating your external CRM's Deals/Opportunities object with HubSpot's Deals object. The workaround you mentioned is not scalable and won't give you a successful long term solution.


Please feel free to DM me if you would like to chat about potential solutions.

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Thanks, John. Phase II of the integration between our external CRM and HubSpot involves mapping/syncing the deals/opportunities object between the two platforms so I can't speak much to that now. Phase I was all about contact syncing as that's all the external CRM software we're using could support at the time. I appreciate your insight here and will propose we include mapping sales activity as a component of the deals/opportunities syncing for the next phase of our integration to ensure it's a scalable solution.