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We are thinking about adding the report module (185 Euro) but need some answers first. We know we have 95 paying customers. How can we see these "live" on a dashboard or in a report? Each of these have one or more of our Saas products/modules. How can we see which of our customers that have each product? Who sold it, when, value of customer, etc.

But we can start easy ;-) 

1. List of paying customers

2. What product(s) they have


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You'll want to provide greater detail for the community to better be able to answer your general question.

- Version of HubSpot (i.e., Pro or Enterprise)?
- Ecommerce integration (e.g., none, Shopify, Big Commerce, custom, etc.)?
- Additional (product) customizations in your portal (i.e., manually created custom properties)?

- Is HubSpot your primary CRM? (If not, what's your CRM-of-record?)
-a- Are ALL customers in HubSpot set to Lifecycle Stage == 'Customer'? (If not, how are they identified?)
-b- Are ALL customers in HubSpot assigned to an existing HubSpot User that sold the account?
-c- Is the total 'value' of all sales stored in a HubSpot custom property on each customer's Company record?

These are some of the questions you'll want to answer in order to obtain a satisfactory response to your inquiry.

Recommendation: Consult with your HubSpot Customer Success Manager (or Enterprise Customer Success Manager). They are in the best position to guide you on the use of HubSpot reporting specific to your portal.

Hope that helps.


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Hope that helps.





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Hey @Tom-Erik 


Our app, Sales Rep Scorecards, can do exactly what you're describing.


  • Show by account, which products they have, the total revenue, as well as subscription start / end dates
  • Show which rep owns the account or sold the deal
  • You can also filter accounts to find the ones that have just one product but not another, in order to understand the whitespace and upsell opportunity

Let me know if you'd like to learn more!


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With 2-3 sales people you are to expensive