Latest update seems to have cloned most of my deals

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Hi all, 


Since a few weeks, I suddenly have a lot of "empty" deals, not attached to a contact or company, no deal name, no amount, just a custom property filled out with the name of the contact, the deal stage and pipeline. 


Because of this custom contact field I can see that all these deals are duplicated from other deals with all other info filled out normally as it was. All empty deals are created on November 16 and none of my users created those deals. 


We think this is due to an update that was carried out, but can't "prove" that of course. However, before I manually delete a few hundred empty deals, I'm curious if other people had the same problem and if there might be a quick fix from Hubspots side. I look forward to hearing from you. 





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Hi @thieskuijlman,


If you can send along screenshots or links, I can take a look from the HubSpot end of things. 


If you did do a deal import around this time, that could cause duplicates as deals do not deduplicate. 



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