Is there a way to create a custom report to show products quoted per deal and what stage?



I am trying to set up a custom report for my CEO that looks at a particular product, which shows how many times this product has been quoted in Hubspot, and at what deal stage this is. 


For example:

If we sold a range of fruits. My CEO wants to understand how many apples have been quoted to customers so that he can forecast to buy more apples. 

Deal 1: x6 apples at 90% deal stage

Deal 2: x1 apple at 25% deal stage

Deal 3: x4 apples at 75% deal stage


Result: x10 apples likely to sell this month.


Please can someone help?

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I have spent the last couple days in the Hubspots community looking for an answer to this problem and it appears you aren't alone, however there doesn't seem to be a way to do this inside of Hubspot Reporting currently. 


That being said, I think our app, Sales Rep Scorecards, can help with what you're looking for.


We're able to report on products and deals, so that you can forecast by product, using data from both the product line item and deal.


Here is a review from a customer with the same problem you described.


Please let me know if you would like to take a closer look.