Integrating a custom property with Google Data Studio


I am trying to setup a dashboard in Google Data Studio but experiencing problems with integrating a custom property made in Hubspot. 


Is it possible to import my own property to the dashboard or is it only the Hubspot pre-made properties that you can integrate with the program?



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Community Manager

Hi @MThorslund , thanks for your post!


After checking some resoureces, there's no HubSpot built integration with Google Data Studio. However, there are a few apps that do integrate which you can find in this page: HubSpot App Marketplace


Are you using one of those apps? If so, I'd recommend reaching out to its vendor to confirm if you can import custom properties into Google Data Studio. 


If you're attempting to achieve this in other way, could you share more details? If you're receiving an error message upon importing the custom properties, that would be helpful!