I would like to create a report showing all deals Lost, Cancelled or set On Hold last week, in ONE e

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I would like to create a report showing all deals Lost, Cancelled or set On Hold last week (all in one report in the dashboard). I could create one box for each Deal Stage based on three Single object reports. But that would result in three boxes (out of the maximum of 10) in the dashboard.


My questions:

- It’s not possible to use a Single object report to show all these deals in one report, because if you use more than one Filter, the second Filter ADDS to the first (you can’t choose OR). And there are no deals that have both entered deal stage Lost AND deal stage Cancelled last week…

- If I create a Cross object report, the property “Entered Stage Date” is not available under Filters, so the list will show all deals in Deal Stage Lost, Cancelled and On Hold, not only the deals that entered these deal stages last week.


Any answers would be very welcoming. Thanks 🙂

Andreas Kirkeberg
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Hey @Andreas 


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Thanks, @sharonlicari,


Andreas Kirkeberg


I am a little late to the party - but nonetheless: would it help for you to create one report with filter "Deal Stage is any of Lost, Cancelled, On Hold" and then use the "last modified date"? 

So, I am not entirely sure, either you put it in the visualisation (which hopefully works like create date) or you use it as filter "last modified = last week". 

Of course, this way you only get the status of last week and it is constantly changing. 

maybe it helps to you or someone coming across here.