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I need a report with the Actual value of the contract and ARR



1. I need to get a report that shows my "Gross Revenue" the actual value of the contract that is signed. Ex The deal is 50000kr but my customer got a rebate of 60%. I need a report that shows the both the 50 000kr and the 20 000kr. 


2. Every contract also have a potential to increase in value. On top of the value of the signed deal that they have x amount of shops that have a potential of 2000kr (12 months) 


Year 1 - Customer A: 20 000kr (40%)

Year 2 - Customer A: 50 000kr with a potential of x times 2000kr 


I have created the property "number of shops" for each shoppingmall that is the x in the equation. 


I need a reporty that shows this, is it possible?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

I need a report with the Actual value of the contract and ARR

Hello, @GPedrazzi I want to add our top experts @NicoleSengers @KTownsend @Drew_Cohen any recommendations if it's possible to do @GPedrazzi matter?


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