How to send daily Hubspot lists as an email report




I want to send a list of daily contacts added in the CRM to a specific non-gmail id. Just liek how we get a list of daily prospect list, I want a daily contacts added to the CRM to be sent to the email id. The daily contacts list should include the name, email id and contact number of the new contacts.


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Hi @Marina_One, so this type of automated action would only be possible with a Contacts report (which is available with the Enterprise version of our Marketing product). With this type of report, you can create a daily recurring export of the data that will be emailed to a specified address. Read more about this here:


Barring that, you could simply export the data in your CRM each day by creating a view that states: "Create date is equal to Today". Here's a screenshot of what that would look like:


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 3.29.02 PM.png



You can use the tool: to do this.


Hey @Emeryray02 I have just played around with ArcBright - looks good, has it been successful for you over a longer period of time? 




We've been using ArcBright for a while now... and love it! We use it to keep people in the loop on our course and workshop registrations. Without it, we'd have to manually export a list 2x a week - no thank you.


Arcbright is no longer available, but there is a new tool:

You can see a video of it here:


Here's a snip from the website:

Quite simply, this report takes contacts from a HubSpot List and sends them as an email. You can decide which contact fields are in the report, when it is sent, if all contacts in the list or only new ones should be included, and who it goes to (even outside your company).

For example:

  • Send a list of new leads from this week to your Sales Reps in each territory.
  • Send the management team a list of new SQLs who have not been contacted yet.
  • Send a list to a sales rep for leads that have returned to the site after more than 30 days away.
  • Send a list of contacts who signed up for an online course the day before.

There are nearly endless possibilities. This tool is totally free for now, while we work out the bugs. Can you please let us know what you think? As a preview, our next report will be a status email that shows daily activity in your sales funnel.

Is this tool still available?