How to get a list of new contacts/leads emailed to a mailbox daily.

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Hi Community,

I'm currently getting an api built to connect our CRM and Hubspot but until this happens I require a list of all the contacts generated from form submissions (we'll have 4-6 forms)  to be emailed daily to a mailbox for a manual upload into the CRM.


Can this be done? (We're using the enterprise version)

Can someone tell me how to set this up, please?


I'm alittle confused atm... Smiley Happy


Thanks in advance


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Hello @Martin8 


If you are using form submissions hen we can go 2 ways like:
1) On submission of a Non-HubSpot form- On such submission you can enable the HS setting and notify yourself or any other email for each form submission. That notification contains full details of the contact. You can make use of those details to upload the contact into CRM.

2) On submission of HubSpot-form- For this you can make use of workflow and check for form submissions in the trigger and for all those contacts who have submitted the form, send an internal email to your team with contact details.


These both methods will be done on regular basis and automated.


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Hi @Martin8,


Please see this article and the response from @moonwebstrategy. This looks to be exactly what you want to do.  

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Hey Josh,

Thanks for the info. I have no problem creating a customer report that gets emailed however its the actual list of new leads that I need to get emailed daily for a bulk upload.

When I set up the report I can schedule the report to be emailed daily but it's just the visualisation and not the leads.