How do I track # of deal stage moves?

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We have a long sales cycle and currently track # days in stage, etc. We also use to track in Salesforce # of deal stage moves. Often we can't influence the number of days in stage very much, but it is very useful to be able to track how many deal stage moves happened for each rep per month. How do I do this?

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Hi @PL


You can export this information by clicking into the deal property deal stage (sales>settings>properties>deal properties>deal stage) and choosing 'export property history' in the top right hand corner. This will give you the history associated with this property and will allow you to see the infromation.


While there is no way to gather this information in this manner without exporting the information, this will work to resolve your issue and give you the information you're looking for. 

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I appreciated your response to the request above, but it does not deliver the information in any sort of organized report. It's simply the raw data which is time consuming to reorganize.


Since your first reply, have any new tools/dashboards been created to address this? It's a very important tool for sales managers to be tracking progress on deal movement in a given week or month.


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I think that the property history export feature is a good one. It would be much improved if the historic values were not repeated in separate columns though. For example, if a Deal has had multiple Stage changes, then each change should be represented by a unique row.  This would improve the usability of the file and enable operations like Pivoting and Filtering in Excel. As it stands now, if you want to filter for Stage Changes in a given period you would have to filter 10+ date fields instead of a single one.

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I agree.  We have a long sales cycle, and to demonstrate progress to senior management we need to be able to show the pace at which deals are moving through the pipeline.  We don't just want to know which deals are in which stage of the pipeline, we also need to understand which ones have moved forward and which ones have moved back.  I envision the user being able to set parameters such as period over which a change in deal status would be depicted.  If we had a deal in SQL stage and it moved to "proposal" stage, it should show with a green outline around the box so we know it changed to that status in the time frame specified.   Likewise, it would show a red outline around the box if it changed from "verbal acceptance" back to "proposal".  The key is to monitor when a deal status is changed, either forward or backward in the funnel and the ability to report on that with consistency and ease.