How can I search contacts that have viewed a video?  We are integrated with Vidyard


We have uploaded a video to our files and ernabled the Vidayard link

We have created a landing page for the conatct to access to the video recording 


I can see a contact has viewed the video several times and I now want to know who else has done this, as it would be very useful


The question is what criteria to search on?


I understand there is not a stock field that can be used for sorting these sorts of engagements


But there must be some criteria as this is a really powerful customer engagement.

Video recordings of our webinars is something we use a lot

I can provide a video snippet link if required


Understand that it is not a catered for today but you are capturing the data and the details are being stored under each contact.


Please can you surface the data you have inside HubSpot so we can search on it?


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Hi @andrew19,


Thanks for reaching out.

It sounds like currently, there's no HubSpot-out-of-the-box solution for what you're trying to achieve.

I would recommend sharing this idea in our ideas forum and I'm going to tag in some thought leaders to see if they can provide additional assistance.

Hi @gabriel-nextiny @Thierry-Luc, do you have any thoughts on this?





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Thanks @JessicaH for letting me know about this one.


Hi @andrew19  

We use the Wistia HubSpot integration for this. Wistia allows you to create lists on HubSpot from video plays, and they also update the contact records with individual video plays.


We use this to understand the actual impact of video. 


Furthermore, we have created lists for:

 - leads that have watched video

 - leads that haven't watched video

 - customers that have watched video

 - customers that haven't watched video


Then used Databox to calculate the closing rate between leads turning to customers that watched and haven't watched video to see if there was any difference. 


We found that leads that watched video close 3X at a higher rate than leads that haven't watched video.

Here's a HubSpot IMPACT award-winning case study about this:


Let me know if you have any questions about this.

I hope this helps.




Hello Gabriel

Thank you for your response and you have detailed exactly what I am looking for.

But we are using Vidyard, based on a HubSpot recommendation, and we cant use Wistia as it is not compatible with our plan, as it requires the Marketing Hub?


We are using the CMS module and Sales Pro and we need to create the list you have defined in Sales Pro. I can see on an individual contact the data we are looking for, but we need to define the users who have watched our Video's.


Clearly the data is being collected - how do we surface this?



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Hi @andrew19 , 

I don't think you can. 😞

HubSpot limits what you can do (for obvious reasons) depending on your package. You need Marketing Pro for this kind of integration and analysis. 

Sorry, I can't be of any more help there.


Here are some ideas to try to hack this:

You can export Hubspot data into a Google Sheet with Demand Sage:

You might be able to do something with Zapier or Integromat. (

Integromat allows you to connect your API access and automate it from there.

If you have the data all in a Google Sheet, you can manipulate there and then display it with Databox (


Please tell me if any of this works 🙂 

Have fun!



Hey @andrew19 – I've been working on some tools on my end that help to enable searching contacts that have viewed a video. It's separate from Vidyard but I'd be glad to show you around. I'll send you a message to share more info!


Hi @andotovideo 

Thank you for your time and for going over the possible options we could use, within the confines of our HubSpot components, to report on videos views.


I also appreciate the ideas for capturing user interactions to our videos.


I was also really impressed with the forms and video features, your own solution can provide and its integration with HubSpot.

I am sure we will be in touch.







As an update to all

I have also read this HubSpot blog post,


Right at the end of the post, there is an additional comment and link to custom report building for Video - it is apparently still in beta,


I am still working out how to build the report we want! But theoretically, it looks like a relevant report could be built?


I will keep you posted but any thoughts appreciated.