How can I count how many calls is needed to convert a prospect?

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I struggling to get the data of how many calls each SDR needs to convert a prospect in a client.


I tried in that way:


Using the filter "Lifecycle stage: has ever been any of Marketing Qualified Lead", to select just the ones converted and "Activity type: Calls".


The best option would be a way to divide this number by the contacts, so we would get the average.


You guys have any other idea to get this data?


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Hi @RodrigoAddor,


I think what you are doing so far sounds like a great start! I want to pull in some other users to see if they have any input or suggestions for you. 


@Yeti_Mike@dperry do you have any suggestions for @RodrigoAddor?



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Hi @RodrigoAddor and thanks for the shout out @jennysowyrda!


I'd say you're off to a great start, however my first instinct is to make sure the call activity data you're looking at is up until the point they became a Marketing Qualified Lead. To do this, you could utilize the native date stamp fields that HubSpot has for each Lifecycle stage:


  • Became a subscriber date
  • Became a lead date
  • Became a marketing qualified lead date
  • Became a sales qualified lead date
  • Became an opportunity date
  • Became a customer
  • Became an evangelist date


That way you can view your Marketing Qualified Leads for a given time period, and then monitor call activity volumes to those folks during the months they started off as a Subscriber or a Lead leading up to the point when they became a Marketing Qualified Lead. That may help tell a more accurate story. 


Let me know if this helps or if you have any further questions!


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