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I sent out around 100 emails this morning and the Activity Feed is only reporting about 5 Opens and they all come from business names beginning with "T". I typically get a 25% open rate across all business names (A-Z) on my list. Something went wrong. All of my emails are showing as Sent in Hubspot but it's not recording the Opens. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Hey @SMG1 


Usually, HubSpot embeds an invisible one-pixel image into the email message once it is sent. When your recipient views the email and the images load, you receive a notification that the email has been opened. Each sales email sent via HubSpot would have a tracking pixel image attached to it if it is being tracked. However, the tracking would dependent on whether this pixel image is being loaded.


It is quite common for Outlook users to not automatically download images for an email. If that is the case, the pixel image would then not be loaded and the tracking will not be tracked (You can find more information in this help article). This would prevent both the Open from being populated, even if an actual act of opening and viewing document is being detected.


I hope this helps.


Thank you