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Hi all! I'm looking for help on managing how my AEs share sales collateral so as to roll up efficiently into our tracked metrics. Specifically, I'd like to be able to track how many times a given file (let's say a case study) has been shared with which prospects - so, for example, I can review March and see that Case Study X was shared with Company A 4 times, Company B 3 times and Company C 5 times.

I haven't found a good way to do this yet - the two options I'm currently weighing (neither ideal) are:


  1. Very prescriptive email text filters ("please find attached a case study on") - just hard to ensure consistent adoption by AEs. Text filters don't seem to read attachment titles and there's no "has attachment" filter that I can see (both of which would simplify the creation / filter process)
  2. Uploading from Sales > Documents and filtering by file name - good feature (and text filters capture the file name this way), but some customers have been hesitant to click through to linked files (rather than having the file itself in the email) for security reasons. Would rather ensure collateral gets fully ingested by prospects if possible

Has anyone else run into this challenge / found any solutions not noted above? Appreciate the help!

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Hello @mtwatkins ,

In addition to te two ways you stated above, did you try this document reports in report library: 


Unfortunately we cannnot edit these reports like other reports but may be they will help you to some extent.

Hope this helps!

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