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Deals forecasting one-time fee & MRR + negative amount of line item


I've asked this multiple times and I am asking this again.

Is it possible to get weighted monthly forecast from deals where forecast understand difference between one-time fee & MRR line items? Also it would be very important that sales reps doesn't have to do anything special but instead of that it is enough if they just fill correct line items and select each lines MRR or one time fee products and correct close date.

This separation is must have (one-time fee & MRR) because there is huge difference what comes to the cash flow.

Second question is negative line item amount. This is also must when we are doing upselling.

Product A MRR is 100 € / month and sales rep is selling Product B which is 150 € / month. It is very important that sales rep could do to the deal:

Product A -1 amount 100 € / month (or 1 amount -100 €/month)
Product B 1 amount 150 € / month
Total amount of deal 50 € / month

In this situation everybody has clear view that this is upselling and everybody understand what customer has to pay.

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Deals forecasting one-time fee & MRR + negative amount of line item

I would like to use negative amount line items too because the revenue analytics tools are not useful for me to see which product is having more churn. In my case is not an upgrade of the same product, is a change where the customer turnoff one feature and hires another.


When I add a deal with the products are having churn I have to calculate the negative amount to have some reports like this.



Also with this, I can see the NET amount in the reports. Because I have one deal with Product A  amount -100, another deal with product B amount +150. The Net in the report will be +50.


So I can have reports what product I have more churn and what product have more upgrades.


Deals forecasting one-time fee & MRR + negative amount of line item


I created an example from test pipeline...




At forecast view: there should be



This information should be visible and easy to get without any extra work if:

At every deals reps are using line items with one-time fees or MRR:s

At every deals there is correct close date


So - information is allready there! But cannot get this kind of report... This excel example is just and example and not visualized or else "fine". Just for get more understanding my needs.


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Deals forecasting one-time fee & MRR + negative amount of line item

Hi @phtheref,


Thank you, that's  a great question! I wanted to provide a bit more information about the forecasting tool and also ask a couple of experts for advice.

1. The forecasting tool works with the property Deal Amount - in order to see value from the forecating tool, you need to make sure that the Amount propety shows the correct deal values. You can configure the property in Deal settings and choose which value the Amount property represents: MRR, TCV (Total Contract Value), ...


Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 18.55.15.png


You can find a more detailed description of the values here. You could, for example, choose TCV, which is based on the line items associated with the deal, including any recurring revenue and one-time charges. If you set up the line items correctly and add term details (Start date, Billing Frequency...), you should have correct values in the Deal Amount property. 


I also wanted to share this Community article with you where users discuss other possible solutions. 


2. I believe it would be best to use the revenue analytics report to track recurring revenue, upgrades & downgrades, but I wanted to ask other users for their advice as well: 

Hi @Phil_Vallender@Innobo@charliepinker@Jonno_Price@Edyta7510@Dan1@HubDoPete any input you could share here? Thank you!


Mia, Community Team



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Deals forecasting one-time fee & MRR + negative amount of line item

How could we take into account discount period or one off payment though?