Deals Report w/ # of incomplete tasks, overdue tasks, drill down, and link to deal




I've been wishing that the deals pipeline allowed me to bubble up tasks and overdue tasks on the pipeline cards. This would be great for our status meeting to make sure the team is using tasks and nothing is falling off the plate. 


I created a report to do this, but when  I add Sales Activity as a source for the report, any of the deals that don't have it fall off the list.  So it appears that the reporting doesn't support outer joins.

So my workaround was to add 2 reports, 1 will all deals and one with tasks and we can just go through and see what's missing. Not ideal but it will help.

I'm curious if anybody has any other ideas? 

Also, I really hoped that I would be able to click on the report and open the deal record, but unfortunately you can't drill into tables or link out to records. 



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Hi @douglas_volt ,

Unfortunately what you are looking for to 'bubble up tasks and overdue tasks on the pipeline cards', don't see any functionality till yet in HubSpot. So workaround you have stated seems like the best option here.
If you feel like this function should be added to HubSpot, i will advise you to put the same in the idea section of the community here: HubSpot Community - Ideas - HubSpot Community

HubSpot product team reviews these ideas and work on them.

Hope this helps!

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Hi there,


That's the conclusion I also came to. Are you aware if there is any way to formulate the report that would include sales activity without dropping the deals that have no activity?