Deal report by groups of 'value'


Hi all,


Currently, I'm trying to build a report to get some more insights on the number (and value) of certain sizes of  won/lost deals. To start I'd like to create a couple of groups based on a min-max value. 

Eventually, I'd like to do this for specific clients etc but I can't find a proper way to set or create these groups in the reporting section. 


This is what I've in mind. 



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Hi @jassie 


Off the top of my head I think to create the report you are looking for you will have to first create a custom deal property to store the value group (i.e. 0-30k, 30-100k, etc) and set this based on the deal amount (a workflow). You should then be able to put this property on the horizontal axis of a report and show deal amounts in won and lost for each. 


Hope this helps?

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Yeah I was also thinking about that - but it felt a bit cumbersome since it isn't easy to adjust the thresholds. Would love to play around a bit to find out a critical deal-size.

Maybe its the only way to go indeed.