Deal Stage Funnel vs. Deal Snapshot

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Deal Stage Funnel report vs deal snapshot report? What is the difference and how are these used?

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Hey @lisat2m


The Deal Snapshot is a funnel report. This means that the report will only show you the contacts or deals who moved through the specific deal stages (New Lead, Contact Made, Relationship Building etc) in order within the specified time period. For example in your case if a contact became a New Lead then moved to the Contact Made stage but then skipped to the Won stage this contact would only show up in the report under New Lead and Contact Made.


In comparison to this a pipeline report would show you the number of contacts or deals that have entered any of the lifecycle or deal stages during the specified time period regardless of the order. This article will give you further information on the differences between the two.


In order to create a report that will show you the number of deals in a particular stage you will need to create a custom report.This kind of report can be created through the Reporting add on you can avail of with HubSpot.

Does this help clear things up?

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See my custom report steps in the below thread for how to accomplish this: