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I have a pipeline that my team shares, and I wish the whole team to receive notifications (activity updates like emails logged / calls logged / notes added). At the moment, only the deal owner receives these notifications, so it is hard for the rest of the team to track the changes (by activity) of all deals. Any ideas?

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I would suggest making a dashboard for your team to check every day (or however often they want, really).


If you pair a few of HubSpot's premade reports on one dashboard, your team could get a pretty good picture of who is doing what when, and what deals are being touched. 


The first report I suggest you add is called Deal Stream.  Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 8.33.55 AM.pngBy default it uses Last Modified Date as its date property, but you can change it up depending on your needs...Last Contacted Date is the one I personally find most useful. You can find this report in the Report Library: Sales > Deals > Deal Stream


Pair this report with the Productivity report and you not only have a good idea of what deals are being updated, but what kind of conversations are occurring. You can find this report in the Report Library: Sales > Prospecting > Productivity. One supercool thing about this productivity report is that when you hover over an activity type, a link called "Quick view" appears - and it then displays details of the activities - who called who, when, etc. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 8.41.51 AM.png


Depending on how large your salesforce is, it might make sense to actually give each rep a  Productivity report of their own on the dashboard. You could also give each rep their own Deal Stream by filtering by Deal Owner. 


Now I know that this solution isn't as automated (notifications, etc.) as I think you were looking for, but it does give them the info (and accountability) they need while keeping their inbox clear from cluttering notification emails. 


Let me know if I missed the mark with what you were looking to accomplish, but I am hoping this gets you what you need.