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Deal Export View - Columns Not in Order

  1. When I create a Deal View "Save View"
  2. Then export the view "Export View"
  3. XLSX format or CSV
  4. And select "Only Properties in the View"
  5. The columns do not export in the order of the "Saved View" that we are exporting
  • This truly defeats the purpose of setting up a saved view according to the order our CEO wants to view it in.
  • And, if our CCO needs to move columns around, he'll want to use a system that does this for us, like Salesforce.
  • I want to continue to use HubSpot for many reasons, but this is not one of them.
  • This appears to be a bug but is not on the radar for a fix.

It is close but not exact and causes several extra steps.







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Community Manager
Community Manager

Deal Export View - Columns Not in Order

Hello @VirginiaB1 are you able to edit these columns once exported? One thing to note is that for default measures such as count of contacts or count of deals, these measures are replaced in the export with the object ID, and that column in the export should always appear last. Is this a custom report? 




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