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Deal Board on scrolling is both too slow and overly responsive (MacBook)

A couple items I have seen over the past years and assumed it was going to be solved by now.


1. Deal load time from deal board about a second too long.

2. Moving deals as a card is clunky.

3. Need to autosave, location on dealboard when navigating back to deal board from a deal.

4. Swiping quickly to end of dealboard horizontally moves to differnt page than desired


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Deal Board on scrolling is both too slow and overly responsive (MacBook)

Hello @AlexBottomLB,


Welcome to the Community, from the information provided, It looks like that could be related to cache in your browser. My recommendation would be first to clear the cache on your browser, ( Step by step here ).

After that could you please confirm that you are not able to see the delay in deals?


About your 4th question, could you provide us more details, such a screenshot of what you are referring to? Looks like that this could be a setting in your Macbook, to bring your to a different page desired,  The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.




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