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Anyone here who got a sample report for deal age. It would be nice to have a report that shows current days/hours of deal/s in a certain stage. I tried to check the sample reports in sales professional dashboard and also calcualte manually but it doesn't give the same result. I'm having a hardtime understanding how did hubspot came up with those results given that I'm using a month's data just for a sample. TIA. 

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Hi @JLO143,


Have you looked at the 'time in deal stage' report that you can add to your dashboard? That report is designed to report on the average amount of time deals spend in each stage of your funnel. Use this report to see how your deals are moving through the funnel and to see where things might be getting stuck.


What have you tried so far? What has been working for you, and what information is missing? Also, if you are seeing a discrepancy in the data, can you share screenshots of where you are seeing this? 


@chewbecca I see you worked on a similar question, were you able to find a report to assist? 


@Cameron and @StephanyWHP do you have any suggestions for reports or options that could help @JLO143


Thank you,

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Hi.  I've tried this report and it doesn't seem to show the age of all deals that are in that status.  It shows the length of time a deal stayed in this stage before moving on.  So deals that have are still in that stage and have yet to move are not in the averages.


So for me... it is giving a false representation of the health of my pipeline.  I want to show the age of all deals still open at any stage of the pipeline but I can't seem to find a way to do it.  Any ideas gratefully appreciated!!! 


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Hi, I was able to do something similar by:

- creating a new deal property (Deal Age) with dropdown options that are based on the "Create Date", i.e. Created in last 7 days, last 14, last 30, etc.
- creating a workflow to add the properties to the deals automatically.

This  workflow involves a couple if/then statements..
- i.e. if the deal's created date is less than 7 days, then tag the deal with the Deal Age property "Created in last 7 days" and subsequently,
- if the deals' created date is less than 14 days AND more than 7 days, then tag the deal with the Deal Age property "Created in last 14 days"
- etc.


Thanks for this idea about creating an aging pipeline report to show the age of deals. 


Did you have to export this information to do the if/then statements or were you able to save them as a report?


I found how to filter the deals by date created, but do you have to do the rest manually? I appreciate any help on this.