Dashboard: Display all companies with >=1 Deals in Stage "closed won"

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Is there a possibility to generate a customer overview within hubspot? As we don't track the life-cycle currently we would like to setup a dashboard "all companies with >=Deals in Stage "Closed Won" --> show company name and deals

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Hi @oliviaschuett  While it is not possible to build a report based on company and deal properties, the closest we can come to your request is to build a Deals filter showing all deals in the closed won stage, and surfacing the associated company name as a grid column. 


If you open Deals in HubSpot, then click All saved filters under All deals (in the left sidebar)  you should find a filter called Closed/Won Company filter. This filter will surface all deals in that deal stage. From there you will need to make sure that Associated Compnay is a column in your grid


Since this filter is based on all deals, any new deal that enters the close/won stage will populate automatically. 


Does this make sense? 


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Ed Justen

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Hey @oliviaschuett 


You could do that inside of the Sales Rep Scorecard for HubSpot app, which is available in the HubSpot Connect directory.


You can get an overview of all your accounts, including calls, emails, deals created, and deals won -- as well as other KPIs.


Here's what it looks like


Account overview with HubSpot CRM data, including activity and dealsAccount overview with HubSpot CRM data, including activity and deals