Dasboard not updating deal and stage

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My dashboard is not updating for the number of deals, for the deal stage funnel and for how many deal won. 

As you can see in the first screenshot: 
- It's 34 deals
- 2 deals won 

As you can see on the screenshot of the dashboard: 
- It's showing only 32 deals 
- No deals won 

I don't have filters. 
I opened HubSpot with another cumputer and is the same results. 

I saw some similar post, but I don't see the solution. 

I will be grateful for your help

All 34 deals.JPGDeal State Funnel.JPGDeal Close Won Lost.JPG

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Hi @Robinhood 


From the screenshots, it looks like your funnel report is set to show deals created (probably) in the last 30 days. 


Could any of your 34 deals have been created outside that window? If you switch the report to 'all time', does it match up? 

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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Hi Phil,

The 32 first deals was created 2 days a go. 
The 2 test deals was created today. 

I changed to last 365 days and I got the same results. 

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Hi @Robinhood ,


The report you're referencing appears to be a funnel report. If the report is set to show contacts/deals that went through "all stages," this means that the report will only show you the contacts or deals who moved through all of your deal stages in order within the specified time period. If a contact or deal ever skipped one of your deal stages, it would likely not report accurately. The report also calculates conversion rates at each step, showing you the percentage of contacts who moved from one stage to the next in the funnel. 


Alternatively...a pipeline report would show you the number of contacts or deals that have entered any of the lifecycle or deal stages during the specified time period regardless of the order. This article will help with insights on the different funnel reports. 


In order to create a report that will show you the number of deals in a particular stage you will need to create a custom reportThis kind of report can be created through the Reporting add on.

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@Robinhood - What @Krystina has shared is indeed the next thing to check. In your funnel report's settings you can choose between showing deals that have passed through 'all' stages and ones that have passed through 'any' stage. You probably want 'any'.

Phil Vallender | Inbound marketing for B2B technology companies
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I have some news. 

For the update of the number of deal:
The dashbord does not update the deals for the same day. In my case, the next day the deals I had created appeared in the dashboard. I did another test, I created another deal on october 17th, it just the next day october 18th that this deal appeared in the dashboard. It's weird that no one has talked about this.

For lost or won deals: 
It's the same thing, you have to wait one day for the update.

For the Funnel Report:

On the other hand, the deals do not appear in the Funnel Report. So, @Krystina and @Phil_Vallender  they're right, we can't do this with the "Funnel Report".  We have to change the report "Funnel Report" for the "Pipeline Report". However,  the "Pipeline Report" does not come with the free version.