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Custom dashboard- split total amount


Does anybody know how we can devide the deal amount in several items, so we can analyse it in a report? For example the deal amount is €2000. This amount exist out €1000 HRM costs and €500 Salary costs and €500 Service.

Can I do it with making different properties (deals or contact properties) or to make product lines? 

I made one with a pivot table. Is this the best way to do it?





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Custom dashboard- split total amount

Hi @Afd-mark ,
It looks like you're trying to sort out different line items on your deals. 

I would start by adding the different services as products in your HubSpot account. From here, you could attach the products to your deal as line items, and adjust the price as needed for that deal specifically! See the attachment from my account. 

Once that's done, you can create a custom report or use one of HubSpot's default reports to see all of the deals by line item!