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Create a report showing All pages visited and counts based on "X" property

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We're trying to evaluate common pages visited by new members. Is there a way to create a report based on "X" contact property (i.e. Member since < 30 days) showing All URL's viewed? 

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Hi @ArchieH,


The amount of reporting you have available will depend on your subscription level. 


Do you mind sharing what your subscription level is, and what you have tried so far?


Thank you,

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Hi @jennysowyrda , 

We're running Marketing Hub Professional and I haven't done a lot of custom reporting around page views. Currently, when I run reports on pages views I use Page Analytics and Export the data. 

I know I can create Lists based on what pages members have viewed but I don't see a way of creating a custom report that shows me what pages certain members visit. 

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Hi @jennysowyrda, 

Curious if you know of a way to create a report like this? 

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