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I use 3 different pipelines to organize SDR, Sales and CS activities and I would like to connect them in the funnel to analysis the conversion rate of one to another.


Also, when I pass the deal to another pipeline I lost information in the funnel of the first pipeline.


Have any way to solve this? Maybe with a Funnel with two or more pipelines OR the possibility to duplicate a deal to have one deal in the SDR pipeline and another in Sales pipeline.


I thought in duplicate the Deal because is very important to me the note body associated in those Deals. I couldn't find a way to create a new Deal with the same properties and same note body associated.


Can someone help me, please?


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Hi @DaviCamas,


If the information of passing the deal from stage to stage is a top priority, I would recommend creating one pipeline. 


If you can create custom properties that would be able to hold this information, that could be another option. 


Thank you,


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