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Combined Report on Sales Emails Performance.

Hi HubSpotting Friends,

I need your help with this custom report.

Is it possible to create a combined (for all Sales users) report that shows Sales Emails' (1 to 1) performance over time?


In fact, we are looking for data on 1-to-1 emails that are being sent to specific contacts from specific users.  Or, in more basic terms, we're trying to figure out which of our contacts are replying, opening, and clicking the most when we send them a direct email.


Many thanks in advance for your kind input. 


- Ebarak



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Combined Report on Sales Emails Performance.

Hello @EbarakHossain , thank you for reaching out to our Community. I would like to invite our top experts to share some ideas.

Hi Josh @StefaniUAT @Dan1, do you have any suggestions?


Thank you,


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