Centering Deal Workflows Relative to a Custom Date Property

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I need to be able to trigger certain tasks and communications in my workflow based on custom deal date properties like "1 day before Appointment Date" or "Meeting date is today" but I have to have this as a deal property and not a contact property and right now this functionality is only available on contact properties. 


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @pzemansky,


Currently you can't create a date based deal worflow. If you can recreate the information and set up you need in a contact workflow/through contact properties, that would be the best workaround that I can think of.


Hope that helps!

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Go to automation - workflows
then create a workflow 


trigger workflow when deal - "Appointment Date" or "Meeting date is today" 

is "less than" x days from now




then use if /then branch


If yes - task - put in what ever tasks you need to then come up