Cant send message to mesenger from Inbox


Im using the FB Mesenger addon to manage a fanpage fb chat on the hubspot inbox.

When I try to send a message from the inbox it is not sent and just give me a message saying that "Message was not delivered And to click to try again"

If I click it tries again but shows the same error again.

Why is it that I cant send message from the Inbox??

Id also like to know if it is possible to have multiple fb accounts or even Whatsapp and fb and other services on hubspot to manage them all from the Inbox?

Thank you for your help!

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Community Manager

Hello @x7ianThat seems to be an issue with the browser as no error shows up, have you tried through an incognito tab or in another browser? 


Create additional Facebook Messenger chatflows: You can only have one primary chat flow for each connected Facebook Messenger account. This is the default chatflow that visitors will see when messaging you. You can, however, create additional instant reply chatflows or bot chatflows and use the direct URLs for these chatflows in your content. Add direct URLs to your CTAs, marketing emails, or website pages so visitors can immediately start a conversation with your team in Messenger. More information here 





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